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Stanley Maxwell's debut studio album Don't Wake The Baby! © ® 2008 Mindwill Records is available via the Home Grown Music Network, iTunes, and Click below to listen to streaming selections of songs.

Recorded by Dan Silvia of Hillgrove Recording. Mastered by Anthony Lattarulo of LattKave Recording Studio. Cover Art by Mark Crino.



1. Bono's Squandering (Chatfield) - You too can find music anywhere...even in a dial up modem!

2. I Feel As Good As Good Is (DellaVecchia) - Sometimes I feel good - sometimes IFAGAGI.

3. Don't Wake The Baby! (Stanley Maxwell) with Johanna (vocals) and featuring Create (rap) - The first tune we wrote collectively.

4. Mousetrap (Green) - This eleven-bar blues is influenced by the organicism of Thelonious Monk. The bar of 5/4 is the trap.

5. Gianormous (Chatfield) with Anthony Manzi (tenor sax) - This one's really BIG!

6. Not Yet! (DellaVecchia) - When's that confounded bridge?

7. Defragmenting (Chatfield) with Anthony Manzi (Electronic Wind Instrument) - The days ideas come together during sweet repose.

8. No Good Reasons (Crino) - I sang this song into a tape recorder while driving home on a bad day.

9. Lava Pearls (Chatfield) with Dan Silvia (samples) - Inspired by the difficulty remembering after a long raucous night.

10. Highway Patrol (Crino) with Dan Silvia (guitar, samples) and Anthony Manzi (guitar) - A tribute to television cop shows from childhood.

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